Review Quotes from Dary Matera's book "Are You Lonesome Tonight?"

"A blockbuster...This romance will restore the faith of Presley fans in Elvis' sweet, southern gentlemanly who can resist more Elvis Lore? Not me" -- Liz Smith, syndicated columnist

"A strong, convincing story, supported by impressive can't deny it's power to hold you attention." -- Chattanooga Times

"Fascinating...A novel side of the insecure boy before he became a legend." -- The Oklahoman

"Her story is truly a poignant one." -- Macon Telegraph & News

"Romantic...The love scenes ring true." -- San Francisco Chronicle

"...But unlike Wallis Simpson, the last great American Other Woman, de Barbin refused to let Presley risk his throne for the woman he loved." -- The Washington Post

Matera's first mass market, non-fiction book, Are You Lonesome Tonight? (Random House/Villard) was a New York Times best seller in both hardcover (1987) and paperback (1988, Berkeley). There are presently more than a million copies in print. The tender story of Elvis Presley's one true love and the child he never knew was a Doubleday Book Club/Literary Guild Special Bonus Selection, and was serialized in Redbook, The National Enquirer, and leading magazines in Italy and Germany. Foreign editions were published in England, France (Number 1 best seller), Holland, South Africa, Switzerland, Australia and Japan. It was optioned as a four-hour television mini-series by NBC in 1987, by FOX Television in 1994, and by CBS in 1996.


Review Quotes from Dary Matera's book "What's In It For Me?"

"A quick and dirty lesson in the ways of power politics and the architecture of shameless political greed...Should be required reading for conspiracy buffs, political junkies and anyone who wants to see corruption in its purest form...If you didn't know better, you'd think "What's In It For Me?" was fictional detective pulp, built around a plot of political corruption and greed so naked and pervasive that it couldn't possibly exist in the Real World. is the real world...After reading "What's In It for Me?" it's reasonable to wonder whether Arizonans would be better off without a state government." -- Phillip J. LaVelle, The San Diego Union-Tribune, 8/16/92

"...Replete with sleazy, detailed political gossip...Mr. Stedino's breezy and engaging personality moves the story along -- as does the tension from his oft-stated worry about whether he will survive the dangers of his undercover caper." -- David Haward Bain, The New York Times, 10/25/92.

"Grimly hilarious...The cast is pure Damon Runyon in the desert...There's a potent authenticity in this detailed account of venality, sex and corruption, powered by a driving, hypnotic narrative...Stedino and Matera seem made for each other, creating a narrative voice that's half wise-guy, half collegiate philosopher. Very hard to put down." -- Kirkus Reviews, June 15, 1992.

"...Reads like something Jackie Collins wouldn't have dared make up...You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll reach for the Maalox as you read about our duly elected officials cavorting in topless bars, wrangling for shrimp concessins, slamming each other, trying to see up women legislators' dresses and plotting to commit murder...Author Dary Matera infuses Stedino's foray into the underbelly of Arizona politics with a dark, chortling humor rarely encountered outside a comedy club. Matera, who has written about former wiseguys before, has a rare talent for painting sympathetic portraits of these attractive rascals..." -- Betty Webb, Tribune Newspapers, 7/4/92

"...Sleazy and bizarre characters...Mr. Stedino's account of AzScam is persistently amusing." -- John H. Fund, The Wall Street Journal, 8/13/92

"...`What's In It For Me?' might be a lock for the best seller list...Stedino's story, penned with Dary Matera, documents enough political corruption to give a Washington lobbyist nightmares...It's some biography, the stuff of books to say the least...The best part of the book is in quotations. The story relies heavily on court-approved recording of politicians, lobbyists and their ilk sucking up to Stedino's Tony Vincent Mafia character and then taking his money like curs at the butcher's back door...Should be required reading for anyone studying political science or contemplating a run for office. It's a helluva read for those of us who would like to see the world's political lowlifes get hit by a Greyhound." -- John L. Smith, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 7/26/92

"It reads like a volumn from the pen of Elmore Leonard." -- J.C. Martin, The Arizona Daily Star, 7/30/92

"`What's In It For Me?' is a wild and often comic account of politicians on the take." -- Copley News Service, Richardson Texas News, 8/7/92

"There is so much vicious gossip that it's hard to put it down...This book gives us an astonishing record as to the manner in which lobbyists perform...Read it carefully..." -- Tom Fitzpatrick, New Times, 6/3/92

"...Priceless conversations with the politicians and lobbyists caught up in the sting. It is incredible to read of the greed involved in this story...It looks like (Joe Stedino) might make the best seller list." -- Don DiGilio, Las Vegas Sun, 7/10/92

"The text portrays a crew of greedy, lascivious, foul-mouthed boors steering the ship of state." -- Christine Kindl, Greensburg, PA Tribune Review, 10/4/92.

"The book is filled with tawdry conversations by and about Arizona's leading political figures. Many conversations are guaranteed to shock, embarrass and humiliate." -- Jane Morrison, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 7/26/92

"This is Arizona entertainment at its sleazy, vaudevillian best." -- The Arizona Republic, 7/12/92

"...One blockbuster revelation...exploded like another Stedino time bomb in the AzScam case...Reams of dialogue that was too slanderous or salacious for publication in the mainstream press...The manuscript shows another side of the prismatic Mr. Stedino, and of Arizona politics." -- Dennis Wagner, The Phoenix Gazette, May 1992.

"...Witty...Entertaining...cloak-and-dagger gossip about people in the news..." -- Keven Willey, The Arizona Republic, 5/28/92


Review Quotes from Dary Matera's book "Quitting the Mob"

"A young mobster's progress, 1980's sizzle style...a depth unusual for this type of memoir...Sharp and contemporary. A bullet rising." -- Kirkus Reviews, 12/15/91

"...Quitting The Mob makes for absorbing reading. Matera, a former journalist, spins a compelling yarn, especially when he adds his editorial asides to the "non-violent" don's self-serving life story." -- Betty Webb, Tribune Newspapers, 5/17/92

"...A peek into the mob of the future...Franzese's story is fast-paced, well-written and makes good reading...Franzese's depiction of the mob lifestyle rings true, and the reading really does sail along..." -- Dan Herbeck, Buffalo News, 4/19/92

"Perhaps the only author with as much reason as Salman Rushdie to be looking nervously over his shoulder these days is Michael Franzese...His story is one of a bright young man who earned millions for the mob and himself..."Quitting The Mob" does a nice job of capturing how cutthroat the Mafia is and the everpresent possibility that a member can be snuffed out. Some of the book's best passages deal with the fate of his sister's mafioso lover when he falls from favor." -- Larry Keller, Fort Lauderdale News/Sun-Sentinel, May 24, 1992.


Review Quotes from Dary Matera's book "Get Me Ellis Rubin!"

"...One of those rare first-person, non-fiction books that reads like a suspense novel...a thoroughly enjoyable, can't-wait-until-the-next page thriller packed with incredible adventures...every chapter is exciting...those who love crime stories based on unusual behavior twists will revel...not an ounce of drama is omitted as Mr. Rubin's exciting life story unfolds...a life like Ellis Rubin's would make most works of fiction pale by comparison... -- Delaware State News (12/3/89)

"Case after case is high drama... (The Television Intoxication case) evokes the excitement of "Murder, She Wrote" or "Matlock" or "Miami Vice...." It's an exciting book. Worth reading. Worth buying..." -- The Hendersonville, N.C. Times-News (11/26/89)

"A riviting account of some of Rubin's most famous cases...this is an intensely personal book...the suspenseful nature reads like a good mystery; the straightforward prose style matches the subject matter; and best of all, these stories represent our history." -- Ft. Lauderdale News and Sun Sentinel (11/5/89)

"An appealingly fiesty memoir from a high profile defense lawyer...The media savvy that's powered Florida barrister Rubin onto 60 Minutes, Nightline and Oprah courses through this entertaining legal autobiography...a provacative platform for legal reform...Pleasantly tart and steadily engrossing...a wise addition to anyone's popular-law shelf." --- Kirkus Reviews (10/15/89)

"Absorbing...a story worth telling and worth reading...The autobiographical information is as interesting as the case descriptions." -- The Indianapolis Star (1/21/90)

"Compelling...keeps the reader wondering what's coming next." -- The Rocky Mountain News (1/7/90)

"Sensitive, amusing and charm...Rubin attracts clients that are so intriguing or bizarre that they seem to belong in a work of fiction." -- The Tampa Tribune (1/21/90)

"Dramatic and colorful..."-- Publisher's Weekly (10/20/89)

"The book is full of the juicy gossip and behind-the-scenes strategy that courtroom junkies love." -- The Delaware News Journal (10/30/89)

"High drama..." -- Booklist (11/1/89)

"...An interesting book...entertaining as well...has variety and good pacing. It should appeal to anyone interested in the law or current events." -- The Alexandria Daily Town Talk (12/16/89)

"(The Death of a Debutante) is one of the most interesting parts of an interesting book." -- The Baltimore Sun (1/16/90)

"...Provides interesting glimpses of how an attorney can use press leaks and jury selection tactics to bolster his case, and how instinctive judgements under pressure can alter the course of a trial....nicely done are his descriptions of how he overcame a stammering problem, and his dark and cynical thoughts of the criminal justice system while confined to jail for contempt of court." -- The Buffalo News

"A readable memoir." -- Chattanooga Times (1/10/90)

"Disarmingly honest..." -- The Orlando Sentinel (3/11/90)

"A pleasant surprise...entertaining...The most intriguing and moving chapters concern Lisa Keller, a sickly 29-year-old who bludgeoned her father to death..." -- The St. Petersburg Times (3/4/90)

"Intriguing." -- The Florida Times Union, Jacksonville, Florida (11/4/89)

"...As colorful and offbeat as his city. Rubin's made more national headlines than several governors of Florida." -- Tampa Tribune (12/4/89)

"Crisp sketches of crimes and courts...succeeds as a true crime work..." -- American Bar Association Journal (11/89)


Review Quotes from Dary Matera's Novel "Strike Midnight"

"James Bond meets Hal Lindsey in this fast-paced action/adventure novel that includes espionage, aerial combat, high tech weaponry and exciting romance...Matera has written a satisfying novel...One of the better end times novels on the market." -- Bookstore Journal -- July 1994

"An intriguing, suspenseful speculation on life after the rapture..." Patty O'Connell, The American Library Association Booklist.

Review Quotes From "The Pena Files."

"...Filled with enough derring-do to make James Bond look like a sissy...There are a number of stories that will keep readers rapidly turning the pages to find out how our hero solves his many life-and-death cases." -- Publishers Weekly, July 15, 1996

"...A mighty disperser of pleasant illusions...What really distinguishes the book is Pena's invigoratingly blunt detail about the venality, viciousness, cowardice and stupidity of a sizable number of important federal law enforcement people...Plenty of cleansing fervor and anger..." -- The Washington Post, August 22, 1996

"There are enough shootouts, kidnapping, car chases, stakeouts and icy confrontations to appease the most cynical reader...This book is genuinely entertaining because it is so well-crafted and true-to-form." -- Bookscapes, September, 1996.


Review Quotes from Dary Matera's book "Angels of Emergency"

"....Angels of Emergency does an excellent job of portraying the many facets of modern EMS, and is a very worthwhile read." -- Norm Rooker, Journal of Emergency Medical Services, March, 1998

Review Quotes from Dary Matera's book "Taming The Beast"

"This anecdotal account by his jailer confirms that Manson remains without remorse, unstable, frightening and unlikely ever to be paroled...George seems to have been truly shaken by his dealings with Manson..." -- Library Journal, April 1998

"This volume gives us an ugly, ugly look at a man whose entire life has been a study in sickness...provides a chilling glimpse of Family members like Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, who showed up at the prison regularly in her red cape...It's scary how active the Family still is, nearly 30 years after they rose to infamy..." -- Kirkus Reviews, April 98

"What distinguishes George's book is that it puts a human face on a man whose very name defines evil -- revealing the personality hidden during television interviews... The author provides seamier tales of Manson's life behind bars... " -- Alameda Journal, April 1998

"...A helter skelter odyssey that takes readers into the heart of convicted murderer Charles Manson's bizarre world...It's also a fascinating look at the California state prisons system... " -- Vacaville Reporter, April 1998

"...Intriguing, well written..." -- Richard Rico, publisher, the Vacaville Reporter

"....A largely sympathetic book on the man who was convicted of multiple counts of murder and sentenced to death in 1970...Who was Manson, (Ed) George wondered. After all, who could be so cold, so much without soul? Figuring out Manson became almost an obsession for George, judging from what he tells us. At one point, he began meeting daily with Manson in his cell to try to understand this demon, or at least, what he first believed was a man with an indefensible demonic bent...Through his times with Manson, George found a man who was a tragic result of a boy who'd not really had a father. George had something in common, the lost of a father. -- Ted Cohen, Portland Maine Sunday Telegram, 11/1/98

"Manson continues his reign as America's leading celebrity carnivore." -- Arizona Republic

"(George) strives to understand Manson and his devotees...psychological and spiritual insights and plenty of witchy Mansonoid details, succeeds in horrifying his readers." -- Booklist