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  Are You Lonesome Tonight?
click here for more information A woman's epic tale of her secret love affair with Elvis Presley and the daughter she never revealed. This expansive account offers an intimate portrayal of Elvis dating from before he was famous to the day he died. The book was extremely controversial when it was released in 1987. Some questioned its authenticity. However, it has stood the test of time and has been subsequently verified by famed handwriting expert Charles Hamilton, among others. The story itself makes it clear how such a deeply personal relationship could have been hidden from Elvis' closest associates.  click here for more information
  Get Me Ellis Rubin!
click here for more information A dramatic ride through the American legal system with flamboyant Florida defense attorney Ellis Rubin of "television intoxication" fame. Rubin, a champion of the underdog, is a real life Perry Mason whose most famous cases are covered here. Traveling with Rubin during the writing of the book, I helped solve a murder mystery in Delaware, enabling Rubin to free a wrongly accused man.  click here for more information
  Quitting The Mob
click here for more information Former Colombo Mafia family "Yuppie Don" Michael Franzese -- the highest ranking mobster to turn his back on the much feared criminal organization -- details how he made his historic escape. Franzese gave up his billion-dollar empire to win the love of a beautiful Mexican-American dancer from Los Angeles. Franzese, who has resisted the witness protection program, remains alive and well today.  click here for more information
  What's In It For Me?
click here for more information Wild times in Arizona as a colorful, fast-talking mob associate, Joe Stedino, goes undercover and bribes a passel of local politicians in a hugely successful political sting. The book is as hilarious as it is shocking, and provides one of the most penetrating inside looks at American politics that you'll ever experience.  click here for more information
  Angels of Emergency
click here for more information Ride along under the flashing lights as paramedics and EMTs from across the nation share their most exciting, dramatic, frightening, spooky and tragic rescue stories. The accounts are weaved around the unique perspective of my co-author, Donna Theisen, an empty-nest syndrome mom who became a medic late in life after her last child left home.  click here for more information
  The Pena Files
click here for more information An international, corporate private detective who takes only million-dollar cases battles everyone from the IRS to the Mob. This is an upscale, true-life version of the classic private eye genre.  click here for more information
  Taming The Beast
click here for more information Taking up where Helter Skelter left off, Taming the Beast chronicles the prison years of infamous 1960s cult-leader Charles Manson. Charlie's notorious family is alive and well, while Charlie himself has continued to raise hell despite his incarceration. My co-author in this project, Ed George, was the corrections administrator in charge of Manson for nearly two decades. It's interesting to see how the diminutive, master manipulator gets inside Ed's head and nearly destroys his life.  click here for more information
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It would have been easy to think only of myself and run to Elvis. I wanted to, but I couldn't. There were too many people who would have been hurt. He was so trusting. Those who betrayed him injured him more deeply than anyone knew. I played my part. I hid a secret that nearly destroyed us both. -- from Are You Lonesome Tonight?

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My entire body was powering up for a fight to the death. And that was my problem. Instead of banding together and going out in a blaze of gunfire, I knew that Dad would want us to walk into that room at our scheduled times like lambs to the slaughter and passively accept whatever fate the Mob decreed. -- from Quitting the Mob

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