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  Intro continued

Enjoy true-life stories? Then explore the ultimate rags-to-riches-to-thunderous-crash saga with a troubled rock and roll icon (Are You Lonesome Tonight?). Match wits with a maverick defense attorney fighting for the rights of the underdog (Get Me Ellis Rubin!). Wring your hands with a Mafia prince as he faces a gut-wrenching dilemma -- turn his back on his father and a legendary criminal family or lose the woman he loves (Quitting the Mob). Go undercover with a glib Mob associate who gleefully bribes a host of politicians in a woolly political sting (What's In It For Me?). Travel in a speeding ambulance with paramedics and EMTs confronting the gamut of tense rescue dramas (Angels of Emergency). Put on the gumshoes and live the clandestine life of an international private detective (The Pena Files). Crawl inside the demented mind of a flower child cult leader whose peace and love dream turned into a blood and gore nightmare (Taming The Beast).

...The bullets ricocheting off the sidewalk and storefront walls combined with the exploding Ferrari to paint a disturbing picture. One of his four best sellers had come with a price. Someone was trying to kill him. The police would want to know who was responsible, or at least, who had a motive. Which one of his former subjects wanted him silenced? That was going to be a tough one. They all did. -- from Grand Slam

Like fiction? Fight the battle of Armageddon with a rogue American fighter pilot confused over his role in the scheme of things, and lovesick to boot (Strike Midnight). Solve the maddening mystery of who among an author's former subjects -- a movie star, a politician, a gangster, or an undercover agent -- is trying to kill him to hide a scandalous secret (Grand Slam). Follow that same author -- Devin Chandler, the President's biographer -- as he's assigned to write an extraordinary book for a single reader -- the secret son of a legendary entertainer (A Message to Jared). Battle a giant sea creature off the Florida coast with our author hero and his excitable buddy, a hot-blooded President who sees his approval ratings plunge with each destructive attack (Saw). Go on the lam with Devin and a crafty, wilderness savvy, celebrity felon as they elude a massive posse through the maze-like terrain inside the Grand Canyon (The Grand Escape). Or travel with Devin to an exotic Pacific island in the throes of political, personal, sexual, environmental and military upheaval (The Island of Passion and Rage).


We're all a living example of the First Amendment gone haywire. The free press running wild and unchecked, totally corrupt. Void of that one thing that a free press must have -- the personal integrity of every reporter. That dies the minute you walk through the door.


Thank God we're only interested in Hollywood stars, ghosts and UFOs.

-- from Tabloid

Prefer reading motion picture screenplays? You'll find some of these as well. Help rescue a potential heavyweight boxing champion from behind the Iron Curtain (Prizeflight). Soul search with a scandal sheet reporter who unintentionally destroys a celebrity's life (Tabloid). Solve a murder mystery with a troubled Olympic athlete who collapses under the intense pressure of her unbending training regimen (Unto Others). Travel to Vietnam to search for a lost soldier the government is trying to hide (Gash). Take a fictional (Omerta) or non-fictional (Quitting The Mob) look at the dangerous, tightrope life of a high-ranking mobster trying to go straight. Or, see how an ex-gangster finds redemption by saving street kids from their dead-end lives (Breaking Out).

Strip away the concept of retribution, bring down the walls of fear, and the true evil nature inside humans will gush forth. To keep control, we are schooled, taught and programmed against our own natures by the fear instilled in us by grown-ups and authority figures. And it's all a lie! You see, doing good, that's easy. That's a breeze, man. Doing evil, that takes effort, work and creativity. -- Charles Manson in Taming The Beast

Hop aboard the roller coaster. There's a seat waiting just for you.