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  The screenplays below with clickable links have more elaborate synopses. Those that don't have clickable links do not have these longer synopses. (Meaning I never wrote one)

A Polish heavywight boxer wins the gold medal at the 1984 Olympics and becomes a symbol of freedom for his oppressed country.

A tabloid newspaper reporter sees his profession in a new light after writing a routine romance story that destroys a celebrity's life.

Unto Others
A former Olympic swimmer, traumatized by a mental breakdown caused by the intense pressure of her sport, fears that her severely injured fiancée might be responsible for a gruesome murder spree that terrorizes a city.

A powerful, modern day mobster, shattered by a violent life inherited from his crime boss father, is torn between upholding the Mafia oath or denouncing it to recapture the love of his Native American wife.

Quitting The Mob
A blue-blood Mafia Prince gives up his billion-dollar criminal empire and turns his back on his family in order to win the heart of a beautiful Mexican teen from the impoverished barrios of East LA. This true story is based upon the similarly titled book about former Colombo Family Mob boss Michael Franzese, "The Yuppie Don."

This screenplay is available in both television mini-series and theatrical motion picture lengths.

A returning Desert Storm war hero discovers that the name of the soldier who saved his life in Vietnam is not listed on the black granite memorial in Washington, D.C. He embarks upon a frustrating, deadly, and eventually exhilarating search to discover the mystery of the missing name.

Breaking Out
A reformed gangster battles to leave the Mob while helping a group of embittered juvenile delinquents embrace music and dance as a way of escaping their dead-end lives.