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Are You Lonesome Tonight?
  Are You Lonesome Tonight?
On a cool night in Memphis, high on a grassy hilltop, Elvis Presley fell in love with a beautiful teenager of French descent with sparkling green eyes, a melting smile - and a haunted existence. This love ignited a passionate romance hidden from the world for twenty-four years.

When they met in 1953, Lucy de Barbin was a troubled sixteen-year-old who begged God nightly to free her from a physically and psychologically tortured life. Elvis Presley was an eighteen-year-old dreamer filled with an intense desire that would fuel an unparalleled rise to fame, fortune, and, eventually, to a legendary status too heavy to bear. Their love was born of necessity, grew in secrecy, and was fraught with impossibilities. Yet for nearly a quarter of a century -- it remained unbending.

Elvis inspired Lucy to shake off the chains of despair and hopelessness and free herself from the brutal husband foisted upon her at age eleven by a family in the Deep South. She repaid him by sacrificing herself and her love so he could initially achieve, and then maintain, the fame he cherished.

She gave birth to his first child, but her desire to shield Elvis from scandal forced her to conceal their baby. And to conceal the father from the child. The single legacy that Lucy allowed their daughter was her name Desire. This was the endearment Elvis bestowed upon Lucy, the name he chose as the most romantic way to express his love.

Though Lucy ran from Elvis to protect him, he always found her. They met secretly in parks, by the banks of rivers and ponds, and in hotel rooms across the country.

When the roles were reversed and Elvis was emotionally crumbling, Lucy was there. Her love comforted him in the fog of his final years and provided an intermittent oasis that might have given Elvis the only peace he ever knew. But Lucy's scars never completely healed. Driven by her protective instincts and terrified by a past that could never be forgotten, she delayed in agreeing to the marriage Elvis had intently pursued from the beginning.

Now, after a decade of guilt and anguish, Lucy wants to tell her daughter the story she has never been able to voice, a heartbreaking recounting that reveals who Elvis Presley really was. Through Lucy's eyes, we learn his deepest longings, experience his greatest victories and painful disappointments, and finally understand why he was so lonely, unhappy and empty.

Are You Lonesome Tonight? is a tragic and touching love story -- the most compelling portrait of the 'King' ever published.

Lucy de Barbin, a mother of six children, now lives in Texas, where she currently works as a fashion designer.