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Get Me Ellis Rubin!
  Get Me Ellis Rubin!
When Dade County residents are in trouble the lawyer they ask for is Ellis Rubin. Renowned for the landmark cases he has handled in Miami, the crime capital of the nation, Rubin has written the most fascinating account of crime and punishment since F. Lee Bailey's The Defense Never Rests and Louis Nizer's My Life in Court. Rubin is an attorney who has overturned what seemed to be open-and-shut cases, who has been jailed for defending his judicial principles, and whose clients include every stratum of society from inner-city merchant to billionaire Arab sheik. Many of Rubin's cases have been featured on "60 Minutes," "Nightline," "Donahue," and "Oprah"; and in Time and U.S. News and World Report.

Among Rubin's most famous cases are:
A case in which a teenage boy with a distorted sense of reality killed a neighborhood woman. Rubin made headlines when he argued that his client suffered from "television intoxication."

The defense of a ghetto shop-owner whose crude electrical trap, designed to stun intruders, resulted in the death of a burglar.

"Get Me Ellis Rubin!" is "Miami Law" in action. Rubin takes on the bizarre and violent criminal cases that explode from the charged atmosphere of Dade County in southern Florida -- a hotbed of political passion and drug trafficking, fast money and flashy lifestyles.

ELLIS RUBIN has been involved in more than 3000 trials, including 100 military courts martial and 285 first-degree murder cases. A dramatic and verbally adroit lawyer, Rubin overcame a childhood stuttering problem so severe he couldn't even say his own name.