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Taming The Beast
  Taming The Beast
When does chaos recede in the career of a criminal? Not when the crimes are being planned, the accomplices brainwashed, or the blood is spilling. And not during the apprehension of the criminal, still high on his twisted deeds, or even during the trial, when too many accounts intersect, contradict, blur. No. It is only later -- when the criminal is incarcerated, the screams have been silenced, and the blood has been washed away -- that the truth can be revealed. In the case of Charles Manson, only Edward George was there to witness this emergence. Here he offers us an inimitable glimpse into the mind of a madman.

As Manson's prison counselor, George took on many roles: agent of discipline, erstwhile press agent, father confessor, and, almost, friend. George had access to a Manson the public didn't, witnessing the method to his madness, the charisma underlying his sickness, the pathetic boy within the homicidal man. If you've read Helter Skelter and think you know all about Manson, think again. You don't know it all. Let Edward George fill you in.

"A valuable book which gives additional insights into the criminal mind of Charles Manson."

-VINCENT BUGLIOSI, author of Helter Skelter

"Ed George provides an intriguing, guided exploration of two worlds we rarely see: the twisted thought processes of Charles Manson, and the surreal environment that festers behind the walls of the big house."

-MAURY TERRY, television reporter and author of The Ultimate Evil