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The Pena Files
  The Pena Files
Who do you call when you need to expose government officials involved in widespread graft and intimidation, dirty judges who blatantly trample the law, international terrorists with murderous intent, and white-collar criminals digging deep into corporate coffers?

You call Octavio Pena.

Exposing crime in the IRS, infiltrating Communist rebel forces in El Salvador, and flushing out a fugitive mobster in Panama are just part of a day's work for high-profile private investigator Octavio Pena, who for the first time opens his files, revealing in breathtaking detail how he has waged a courageous one-man undercover war for justice against federal corruption and the abuse of power.

For a quarter of a century, Pena has investigated fraudulent federal officials, white-collar conspiracies, organized crime, and other prominent cases for an exclusive clientele. From his roots as a Mexican emigré, he has become the highest-paid investigator in the world, an elite troubleshooter who, in the course of his Mission: Impossible-like investigations, has posed as everything from a Mafia hit man to a billionaire construction magnate. Driven by his desire to root out corporate crime and expose dirty tricks in the federal government and the judiciary, he has tangled with crooked judges and kidnappers, counterfeiters and brutal terrorists, as well as greedy corporate magnates.

In The Pena Files Pena thrills readers with the inside details of his most compelling and controversial cases, many of which have exposed profound and widespread federal corruption, such as:

The covert destruction of the richest and most powerful Mafia empire in organized crime history. Along the way Pena discovered an intimate tie between organized crime and the U.S. State Department.

Corporate looting at PepsiCo and Frito-Lay that may have led to the White House, a possible connection so sensitive that Pena's life was threatened and the case ultimately killed.

The exposure of such widespread corruption inside the Internal Revenue Service that Pena was able to persuade Congress to convene hearings that changed the way the IRS polices itself.

The Pena Files provides a shocking tour of the underbelly of the American justice system. From corrupt senior IRS officials to power-mad federal prosecutors, the rogue's gallery in The Pena Files includes some of the most prominent public officials in the country. Dodging bullets, rattling terrorists, eluding a would-be assassin in an exciting car chase, Pena coolly takes on Mafia kingpins and cutthroat Communist rebels. But in the end Pena reveals that his most challenging -- and dangerous -- case has been against the United States government, forcing him to use all the tools of his trade to protect himself from the full weight of the Feds, intent on crushing him because of his one -- man war against IRS corruption.

The Pena Files is a thrilling, fascinating -- at times outrageous -- peek into the corridors of power, an important exposé written by a man of honor in these dishonorable times.

OCTAVIO PENA owns and operates Lynch International, a corporate security firm. He lives with his wife, Grace, and their two children near New York City.

BRUCE C. McKENNA is a screenwriter who lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children.

DARY MATERA is the author of six books. He lives and works in Arizona.

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