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A Message to Jared
  A Message to Jared


Author Devin Chandler, the President's biographer, investigates the epic story of a beautiful Spanish orphan who rose to become a business tycoon -- and the secret lover of a troubled rock and roll legend. Devin's assignment is to produce a manucript that will be read by one person -- the woman's estranged son.


After solving the mystery of who was trying to kill him (Book I), Devin Chandler accepts an invitation to become newly elected President John Curry's in-house biographer. His dream of a peaceful life in the White House is quickly shattered when he's nearly killed in an assassination attempt.

While recovering from his injuries, the author's demanding publisher drops another bomb. Devin is temporarily plucked from his cushy position in Washington and sent to a small town deep in the swamps of North Carolina. There, he is to record and verify the wildly improbable story of Victoria Veciana, a strange woman who claims to have been the secret love of the late rock and roll pioneer Jessie Ian. Then, if the story checks, he is to produce a manuscript that will explain to Jared, the woman's bitter, reclusive son, why she chose to keep their lives, and his identity, secret.

Skeptical, annoyed, and still hurting from his post assassination injuries, Devin reluctantly travels to Victoria's impressive Southern mansion. After an uneasy beginning, he becomes captivated by her expansive life story -- and by Victoria herself. She not only survived one terrible calamity after another to emerge as a multi-millionairess, but her star-crossed love affair with Ian provides a penetrating look behind the rise and fall of the rock legend.

Devin lingers on the assignment, reveling in every moment of Victoria's extraordinary life. Meanwhile, President Curry, already furious that Victoria's book has taken precedence over his memoirs, grows increasingly irritated by the absence of his biographer, friend and confidant. The President decides to accept Devin's invitation to visit them at Victoria's home.

The ill-fated rendezvous leads to another dramatic assassination attempt -- and another harrowing brush with death for Devin. It also leads to the newly widowed President falling in love with the beguiling Victoria.

The past, present and future all converge as Devin must recover from a mind-altering poison, finish the book, locate Jared, and present Jared with the manuscript -- all while monitoring the potentially scandalous romance between Victoria and the President.

Not to be denied, President Curry pursues Victoria at all costs. He arranges for her reunion with Jared, and sets the stage for Jared to meet the emotionally terrifying conditions of his father's will.