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Strike Midnight
  Strike Midnight
Matt Slade is a commercial airline pilot with a dangerous secret life. His world unravels on his wedding day when his bride-to-be and thousands of others suddenly vanish, setting off a turbulent period unlike any other in Earth's history. Grief-stricken and confused, Matt struggles to find meaning in the turmoil of an increasingly unsettled world, where all civilization teeters on the brink of destruction.

Before Matt can solve the mystery of his missing fiancée, his search is interrupted by a series of international political upheavals which pull him back into his secret life and his work on covert operations for the government. Swept up in a massive foreign war, Matt is reunited with Sarah, a beautiful Israeli Air Force officer and an old love he's never been able to forget. Together they fight to survive, holding on to their love and faith amid violence and corruption. Will they have the courage to resist the diabolical forces that threaten to engulf the nations? Will the world believe the truth they have discovered?